Trend Micro Apex Central™ Readme (2023)

Trend Micro Apex Central™ Readme

Trend Micro, Inc.

April 2019

Trend Micro Apex Central™ 2019 R1

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  1. About Apex Central
  2. What's New
    • Resolved Known Issues
  3. Document Set
  4. System Requirements
  5. Installation
  6. Known Issues
  7. Contact Information
  8. About Trend Micro
  9. License Agreement

1. About Apex Central

Trend Micro Apex Central™ is a centralized management console that manages Trend Micro products and services at the gateway, mail server, file server, and corporate desktop levels. Administrators can use the policy management feature to configure and deploy product settings to managed products and endpoints. The Apex Central web-based management console provides a single monitoring point for antivirus and content security products and services throughout the network.

Apex Central enables system administrators to monitor and report on activities such as infections, security violations, or virus/malware entry points. System administrators can download and deploy update components throughout the network, helping ensure that protection is consistent and up to date. Example update components include virus pattern files, scan engines, and anti-spam rules. Apex Central allows both manual and pre-scheduled updates, and allows the configuration and administration of products as groups or as individuals for added flexibility.

For more information, go to:

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2. What's New

Apex Central 2019 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Endpoint Sensor Integration

Integration with Endpoint Sensor allows you to monitor, record, and perform both current and historical security investigations on your Apex One endpoints. Use the Apex Central console and perform preliminary investigations to locate at-risk endpoints before executing an in-depth Root Cause Analysis to identify the attack vectors.

Application Control Integration

Integration with Application Control provides Apex One users with advanced application blocking and endpoint lockdown capabilities. You can run application inventories and create policy rules that only allow specific applications to execute on your endpoints. You can also create application control rules based on application category, vendor, or version.

Vulnerability Protection Integration

Integration with Vulnerability Protection protects Apex One users by automating the application of virtual patches before official patches become available. Trend Micro provides protected endpoints with recommended Intrusion Prevention rules based on your network performance and security priorities.

Apex One Sandbox as a Service Integration

Subscription to the cloud Virtual Analyzer allows you to perform sample submission, synchronize suspicious object lists, and take action on user-defined suspicious objects.

Customized Threat Intelligence

Apex Central allows you to customize your threat intelligence capabilities by manually adding suspicious objects, uploading OpenIOC and STIX files from trusted sources, or automating investigations with the new Apex Central APIs.

Managed Detection and Response

The Managed Detection and Response Service brings together the power of the Trend Micro Threat Investigation Center and industry-leading user protection solutions to further protect your network. Improve your threat detection, incident response, and continuous monitoring capabilities, even with limited resources on hand.

Syslog Forwarding

The new Syslog Settings screen allows you to configure Apex Central to automatically forward supported log types to a syslog server.

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Resolved Known Issues

Apex Central 2019 R1 resolves the following product issues:

  1. Issue: The Apex Central setup program is unable to detect the FQDN of the server during installation.

    Solution: Apex Central 2019 R1 resolves the issue by updating the setup program.

  2. Issue: If the previous version of Control Manager is installed on a server where the Windows regional settings use a comma (,) as the decimal separator (such as French or Spanish operating systems), Apex Central migration is unable to complete successfully.

    Solution: Apex Central 2019 R1 resolves the issue so that users can migrate to Apex Central without having to change their regional settings.

  3. Issue: Apex Central installation or migration is unable to complete successfully If the SQL database password contains the following special characters: & < > ^ | ;

    Solution: Apex Central 2019 R1 resolves the issue by supporting SQL database passwords that contain the following special characters: & < > ^ | ;

  4. Issue: Re-installing Apex Central after an unsuccessful initial installation attempt may overwrite some important configuration files.

    Solution: Apex Central 2019 R1 resolves the issue by maintaining the previous configuration files.

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3. Document Set

The Apex Central documentation set includes:

  • Readme File: Contains a list of known issues and may also contain late-breaking product information not found in the Online Help or printed documentation.
  • Installation and Upgrade Guide: A PDF document that contains procedures for installing Apex Central and migrating from a previous installation.
  • Administrator's Guide: A PDF document that provides detailed instructions of how to configure and manageApex Centraland managed products, and explanations on Apex Centralconcepts and features.
  • System Requirements: A PDF document that lists specific requirements for installing Apex Central.
  • Data Protection Lists (Chapter 1 only): A PDF document that lists predefined data identifiers and templates for Data Loss Prevention.
  • Widget and Policy Management Guide: Explains how to configure Dashboard widgets and Policy Management widgets in Apex Central.
  • Automation API Guide: A PDF document that explains how to use Apex Central Automation APIs.
  • Online Help: HTML files compiled in WebHelp format that provide "how to's", usage advice, and field-specific information. The Help is also accessible from the Apex Central console.

View and download the documentation set at:

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4. System Requirements

Apex Central can be installed on endpoints running Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or above.

Visit the following website for a complete list of system requirements:

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5. Installation/Uninstallation

See the Apex Central 2019 Installation and Upgrade Guide for instructions on:

  • Peforming a fresh installation of Apex Central 2019
  • Migrating to Apex Central 2019 from a previous version of Control Manager

    Note: Apex Central 2019 only supports upgrading or migrating from Control Manager 6.0 Service Pack 3 Patch 3, Control Manager 7.0, or Control Manager 7.0 Patch 1.

  • Uninstalling Apex Central 2019

Visit the following website to download the Installation and Upgrade Guide:

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6. Known Issues

The following are the known issues in this release:

Database File Size and Performance

For Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and above, the "Fast Insert Context" feature may generate a large number of unused pages during the bulk insert operation and cause the database file size to grow significantly.

To resolve this issue:

  • Turn off the "Fast Insert Context" feature by executing "DBCC TRACEON (692,-1)" on the SQL server.

Apex One (Mac)

Endpoint Sensor processing of files on Mac endpoints is case insensitive. Preliminary investigation results include all entries for a file name with different capitalization.

Web Browser Compatibility

For Apex Central 2019 fresh installations or migrations from Control Manager 6.0 Service Pack 3 Patch 3, the User/Endpoint Directory screen might not display properly in Internet Explorer.

Note: This issue does not affect migrations from Control Manager 7.0 or Control Manager 7.0 Patch 1.

To resolve this issue:

  • Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers instead of Internet Explorer to log on to the Apex Central console.

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7. Contact Information

A license to the Trend Micro software usually includes the right to product updates, pattern file updates, and basic technical support for one (1) year from the date of purchase only. After the first year, Maintenance must be renewed on an annual basis at Trend Micro's then-current Maintenance fees.

Contact Trend Micro via fax, phone, and email, or visit our website to download evaluation copies of Trend Micro products.

Note: This information is subject to change without notice.

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8. About Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in Internet content security and threat management, aims to create a world safe for the exchange of digital information for businesses and consumers. A pioneer in server-based antivirus with over 20 years experience, we deliver top-ranked security that fits our customers' needs, stops new threats faster, and protects data in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. Powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, our industry-leading cloud-computing security technology and products stop threats where they emerge, on the Internet, and are supported by 1,000+ threat intelligence experts around the globe. For additional information, visit

Copyright 2019, Trend Micro Incorporated. All rights reserved. Trend Micro, the Trend Micro t-ball logo, Trend Micro Apex Central, Trend Micro Apex One, Control Manager, ScanMail, Deep Security, InterScan, Data Loss Prevention, OfficeScan, ServerProtect, PortalProtect, and Smart Protection Network are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trend Micro, Incorporated. All other product or company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their owners.

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9. License Agreement

View information about your license agreement with Trend Micro at:

Third-party licensing agreements can be viewed by:

  • Selecting the "About" option in the management console
  • Referring to the "Legal" page of the Administrator's Guide

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