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The Nokta Makro Simplex is an entry level metal detector that is a single frequency VLF metal detector. The Simplex is 100% waterproof and comes packed with many features that most entry level metal detectors lack. In addition, the Simplex takes advantage of wireless technology and includes a vibrating feature for those who are hearing impaired. The Simplex also includes 5 search modes including an all metal mode. The Simplex is a metal detector built for finding coins, relics, and has a feature that enables firmware updates.

In this article we’ll take a closer look and reveal the truth about the Nokta Makro Simplex and whether it’s worth your money.

The Truth About The Nokta Makro Simplex. | Mental Metal Detecting (1)

In my search for a replacement to my failing Garrett AT Pro, I wanted to find out the truth about the Nokta Makro Simplex. I am happy to report I’ve been using this machine now for several weeks and I can assure you that the Nokta Makro Simplex is very legit. I was very skeptical when I first heard the reviews and assumed most of them were biased reviews.

The Simplex is a great metal detector for the price. It is very easy to use and a great machine for beginners and some seasoned enthusiasts may see some advantages of using the Simplex over lesser detectors in the same class of machines. The Simplex is very legit and I’ve enjoyed using it.

Is The Simplex Easy to Operate?

The Simplex is super easy to operate. It only took me about 10 solid minutes to understand the Simplex and its menu system. It is very easy to operate and understand. If you are familiar with the Garrett AT Series as well as the Minelab Equinox, you will be surprised to see that the Simplex is just as simple, if not easier to operate.

What Are The Standard Features of The Simplex?

The Simplex offers some of the standard features that most metal detectors include such as:

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  • Notch Filtering
  • Pinpoint capability
  • Frequency Shifting
  • 6 Levels of Sensitivity Adjustments
  • Target ID from 0-99

How Many Search Modes Does The Simplex Have?

The Truth About The Nokta Makro Simplex. | Mental Metal Detecting (2)

The Simplex offers 5 search modes. They are show in the image above. The 5 search modes are:

  • Field
  • Park 1
  • Park 2
  • Beach
  • All Metal

How Many Settings Does The Simplex Offer?

The Simplex settings bar (also highlighted in the image above) offers the following settings:

  • Volume Control
  • Ground Balance
  • Iron Audio/Bias
  • Frequency shift
  • Notch Setting
  • Wireless
  • Vibrate Feature
  • Brightness
  • Flashlight

Is The Simplex Waterproof?

The Simplex is waterproof and completely submersible down to approximately 10 feet.

Does The Simplex Operate Using Multi-Frequencies?

The answer is no. The Simplex operates at 12kHz and does not use multi-frequency technology.

How Do Targets Register on The Simplex VDI?

I did a simple test across all of the search modes of the Simplex. I wanted to get an idea of what target IDs each target would receive. For clarification these targets were not buried. The target items were placed on a board and tested on the surface. The items I decided to test were based on typical items found here in the mid Atlantic region.

NOTE: I have checked around at other surfaces test charts from others and my results to vary a bit so don’t take these as 100% accurate. Do your own tests in your own conditions to get the best results.

TargetVDI Number
Civil War Eagle Button25-26
Silver Barber Quarter91 (solid)
Clad Quarter90 (solid)
3 Ring Bullet (3 Ringer Civil War Bullet)66
Eagle Cuff Button (Civil War)30-32
Silver Dime (Roosevelt)78-79
Buffalo Nickel28-29
Indian Head Penny (Fatty)60-61
14 K Gold Ring48-49
Silver Ring (925)11-12
Bottle Cap65-67
Pull Tab (newer style)54-55
Pull Tab (older style)41-45
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Can You Purchase Other Search Coils For The Simplex?

The answer is yes. Currently Nokta offers 3 search coils that can be purchased for the Simplex. They are:

  • 8.5 inch DD search coil (Part Number 17000169)
  • 9.5 inch x 5 inch DD search coil (Part Number 17000168)
  • 11 inch (comes standard with purchase) (Part Number 17000156)

Can The Firmware/Software Be Updated?

The answer is yes. Nokta Makro seems to be listening to its customers. At the time of writing this article, Nokta has released 3 patches/software upgrades to fix some problems but they also added in new features that customers were asking for. To check out more specifics on the patches/updates go here.

Do You Have a Hearing Impairment?

To help those metal detecting enthusiasts who suffered from hearing impairments, Nokta added a vibrate feature. This feature not only helps those with hearing impairments, it also comes in handy for underwater metal detecting.

How Well is The Simplex Built?

Most entry level metal detectors look and feel like a kids toy. However, that is not the case with the Nokta Makro Simplex. After using it for several days, I’ve come to the conclusion that the machine is extremely rugged. It is a very well made machine for the price and simply feels good in your hand.

Does the Simplex Come Standard With Wireless Headphones?

If you purchase the standard package (under $300) you do not get wireless headphones included but you still get wireless capability. However, for a little more money you can purchase the wireless package what will include wireless headphones.

For more information on pricing reach out to Keith Leppert from Fort Bedford Metal Detectors. 814-215-1732 or Contact him via Facebook or through his website.

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The Truth About The Nokta Makro Simplex. | Mental Metal Detecting (3)

Where is The Simplex Lacking?

There are so many great features about this machine for the price that it is hard to put it down in any one category. But to be honest there are a couple of things I felt could be better but they certainly wouldn’t keep me from owning one.

  • Coil Heavy: As briefly mentioned above, the Simplex feels a bit coil heavy. It’s not a show stopper but it was something that was very apparent to me when I first picked up the machine. Overall, the feel of the machine is good. I like the grips and the way it snugs your arm.
  • Stiff Buttons: The buttons seem a little stiff to push. This is also a minor issue and maybe they will loosen up over time. Again, this isn’t something that wouldn’t keep me way from the machine.
  • Target Separation: Target separation speeds aren’t the greatest.The separation speeds are very comparable to my Garrett AT Pro. If you want better separation check out the Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi.

What Makes The Simplex Different From Other Entry Level Machines?

The Simplex stands apart from its competitors due in part to its cost. For under $300 you get a very capable metal detector that is 100% waterproof. Plus, it comes packed with all the features that most of the mid to high end detectors offer but at a much higher price. You also get a very rugged machine with built in wireless capability that folds up nicely to fit in any backpack.

But Don’t Take My Word, What Do Others Think?

In a recent poll I posted a poll in the Metal Detecting Maryland Facebook group and I asked members what they liked about the Simplex. Most of the folks who answered really like the price, others liked the depth they were getting, some had great things to say about the customer service, and some of the water hunters enjoy the vibrating feature.

On the other hand, there were some who claim they couldn’t get good depth in certain programs and the separation was an issue. I’ve already pointed out that the separation is not going to be as good as something like a Minelab Equinox or XP Deus. If you have sites that are full of junk, you may not hear those squeakers in between the nails and foil but the Simplex is very capable machine for finding coins and relics.

Also keep in mind that patches and upgrades have been coming out for the Simplex. If there are issues with the Simplex the Nokta folks want to know. They have already addressed some of the earlier issues when the Simplex was first released.

(Video) Target I.D and Tones/Nokta Makro Simplex/Metal Detecting UK

My Final Thoughts on The Simplex.

I recently became interested in learning the truth about the Nokta Makro Simplex because the Garrett AT Pro that I used for over 8 years was finally beginning to break down and I was desperately seeking a replacement. I’ve seen and heard a lot of good things about the Simplex and I was lucky that Fort Bedford Metal Detectors loaned me one to review. The Simplex could easily replace my AT Pro. It matches all of the same features I enjoyed with the AT Pro. However, the menu system, the craftsmanship, and the ability to update the software are the big selling points in my opinion.

The Simplex is great machine for the money and if you looking for a detector that is easy to use but includes the capability to go wireless then consider the Simplex or give Keith a call (814-215-1732) from Fort Bedford Metal Detectors and get his opinion.

There could be a Nokta Makro in my possession very soon. I hope that by learning the truth about the Nokta Makro Simplex you now know what this machine is all about and what its capable of doing for you. Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy hunting!

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