Security Awareness Training | KnowBe4 (2023)

You and your team have made my life much better in dealing with employee awareness. It is very appreciated and has given us boost up with our regulatory requirements and preventative measures. I love KnowBe4 and if you ever need a reference, feel free to have people contact me.

M.E.SVP/ IT, DR & Security

(Video) Webinar | KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

If you need an advocate on the west coast, just refer people to me…I’m so impressed.

E.J.Senior Manager, Network Operations

Working with you is a breath of fresh air compared to other vendors who refuse to listen to what I ask and respond in kind.

(Video) Cyber Security Awareness Training For Employees (FULL Version)

J.C.Vice President, Information Technology

I have been enjoying your product a lot. I also love the brief updates about news and issues from Stu every so often. It helps to keep me informed and aware of any potential threats.

T.Z.IT Support Specialist

We have been using KnowBe4 for a few years now and we are very happy with the service. We love the new features that you have added to the phishing campaigns.

T.M.VP of IT / Information Security Officer


Good Morning, Love, love, love it!! Thank you.

R.B.Director of Information Technology

We love your products. We are happy with using your service. Thank you.

A.S.Senior Systems Engineer

I am a very happy camper, thanks to your excellent and entertaining Kevin Mitnick Security training program, and to our account Rep. Sean Ness, we are loving your product.

D.S.Trainer, Human Resources

(Video) KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training. Human Error. Conquered.

It’s going well. Love the ability to track progress and especially love the “auto-nag” feature so I don’t have to remember to send out reminders periodically.

K.S.Chief Information Officer

I couldn’t be any happier. Thank you. I love your service.

H.G.CISA, CRISC, Sr. Security Analyst

(Video) Make KnowBe4 Your Trusted Security Awareness Training Provider!


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