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Diversify your Investment Portfolio with Commercial Real Estate Funds

Commercial real estate investmentfunds from Saint Investment Group reduce the risk and increase the dependability of investing in commercial real estate. If you want to diversify your portfolio, our commercial real estate funds provide long-term passive income without the hassle of directly acquiring and managing commercial property. There’s no need for you to be an expert in commercial real estate if you invest in a commercial real estate fund with Saint Investment Group.

Choosing to go it alone and invest in commercial real estate one property at a time adds a significant level of risk that you can avoid byinvesting in a fund. By diversifying the collection of commercial property in our fund, we can provide youwithmore security for your portfolio. Our funds pool a complimentary selection of properties chosen to balance the fundsfor quality returns in relation to risk.

A More Secure Way to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

There is a lot ofearning potential with commercial real estate investing. The downside is the amount of risk involved. Knowledge of local markets and regulations for multiple agencies, and fully understanding the impact of a plethora of property maintenance details, is a must to achieve a solid return on investment.

Commercial real estate funds from Saint Investment Group provide a safer way to diversify your investmentinreal estate. You won’t need to be an expert in the minutiae of commercial property management, and you’ll earn a stable passive income every month your money is in the fund. You’ll also have the ability to view your fund’s activity and reporting online for transparent investing. We make it possible for accredited investors without real estate experience to get into commercial real estate with more security.

What Commercial Properties do Saint Investment Group Funds Hold?

Saint Investment Group carefully selects from a variety of commercial real estate property types with the balancing of risk as a primary consideration. Our goal is to ensure the long-term stability of our funds for ourreal estateinvestors, leverage our expert commercial real estate insights, and capitalize on the opportunities we locate. From there, our expert team can execute a game plan for the asset and maximize returns.

We acquire and maximize commercial investment properties such as:

Industrial & Warehouse Property

One of our top-performing commercial property segments is industrial and warehouse space.Theprimary driver of the outstanding performance of these investments is the growth of e-commerce sales.Growth in this segment is booming right now and there is an expected 250 million square foot shortage in supply forecasted in 2021 alone. Industrial is a cornerstone ofourportfolio, and we’re extremely experienced.

Retail Property

Retail commercial property, depending on the tenants, can bring consistent quality returns for commercial real estate funds.Whilehigh-growth, stable businesses like healthcare, grocery, and specialty stores that focus on delivery are tenants, these properties can generate secure passive income streamsthrough various real estatemarket cycles.

Multifamily Property

Multi-unit apartment complexes and multifamily properties continue to deliver consistent returns, with more stability forecasted as people reenter the workforce after time off due to the pandemic.

Office Buildings

When it comes to office buildings, some strong markets are experiencing better vacancy rates than others. As more people return to the office, these numbers are expected to improve significantly, with some markets experiencing more rapid growth than others. These are generally secure sources of long-term passive income if assets are vetted prior to purchase, and the market is a net positive migration market.

Is Commercial Real Estate Fund Investing for You?

If you seeanopportunity in commercial real estate but don’t know how to get started without taking on too much risk, commercial real estate funds are an ideal option. Compared with individual property investment, Saint’s commercial real estate fund is led by experienced operators, minimizing risks and stabilizing passive income streams for the investor. The commercial real estate income funds we manage atSaint Investment Groupare designed to provide youwithsecure, long-term monthly income, and offer diversificationata time when portfolios desperately need to boost yield.

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Commercial Real Estate Funds are Different From REITs

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) differ significantlyfrom commercial real estate funds significantly, as they’re technically securities backed by real estate. Because REIT’s often do not hold as much cash in reserves, some consider investments in REITs to have more downside potential than a commercial real estate fund. Also, a REIT is subject to fluctuations in the public markets, so they eliminate the real estate advantage of diversifying some risk away from equities.

Are Commercial Real Estate Funds Securities?

Commercial real estate funds aren‘t real estate securities, so they don’t have shares to buy and trade. Instead, investors pool their capital in these funds and are paid a predetermined percentage return on their investment each month.

Is Commercial Real Estate Fund Investing Riskier than Investing In Stocks?

Stocks are much more volatile generally speaking, unlike commercial real estate, where values change by the year or month, even in the hottest markets. This makes commercial real estate to be considered an inherently less risky investment than stocks, though not entirely risk-free. As long as the critical details of particular commercial property acquisition are well-known by a real estate investor experienced in similar deals, the risks can be significantly reduced.

Also, keep in mind that not every commercial real estate fund operates with the same objectives in mind. Saint Investment Group funds are designed to provide a solid, stable source of passive income while raising capital in our pool of investment funding. We focus on the lower risk, more stable end of the investment spectrum. Our expertise in these types of deals gives you peace of mind that stocks often simply can’t deliver.

Commercial Real Estate Funds Deliver Passive Income

Ifyou want to make an investment that will continue to provide you with passive income over the long term, commercial real estate funds are an excellent option. With fewer risks than the stock market and less downside risk than individual property deals, commercial real estate funds from Saint Investment Group deliver secure income streams you can count on.

To get startedon learning how to invest ordiversify yourinvestments with commercial real estate, reach out to one of the experts at Saint Investment Group. We take the time to thoroughly review every commercial property that goes into our funds, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best commercial real estate available for your long-term goals. Contact Saint Investment Group today.

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